Hello everyone.

Due to a family emergency, I have been forced to put my novel on the back burner. My son is in the hospital due to a mental breakdown that almost took him away from me for good. Ordinarily, I would not discuss something so personal but I will talk about it without giving all the details because this is his struggle, not mine. I just want to let people who suffer from clinical depression know to please I am begging you, please get help before something tragic happens.

I have been on an emotional roller coaster ride with this and dealing with it alone for the most part. It’s been the scariest moment of my life. God is getting us both through it and my son is getting help now after going years without it because he didn’t think it would work. But how does one know it won’t work unless they try? I advise anyone with mental health struggles to get that help because if you don’t, one day when you least expect it, everything will come crashing down around you and you will do something that will hurt and devastate everyone who loves you.

Life is hard, I know this firsthand and even though I get depressed and suffer from anxiety but I am not clinically depressed. I rely on God to keep me uplifted every day. I do not know much about antidepressants but I do know that they have a lot of harmful side effects. They are not for everyone but if they work for you, take them. Stick with whatever works for you. Your life could depend on them. My son is doing better now with treatment but there will always be a certain amount of fear inside me that he may have another crisis. I only hope that the plan of therapy and positive life changes will help him throughout the rest of his life. He has two parents that adore him very much and even though we are divorced, we plan to work together to ensure his good health and well-being. To those who pray, please pray for him. Thank you…

Until next time.


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