Happy Halloween

Hello everyone. Just wanted to chime in to wish you all a Happy Halloween and give you an update on the latest news about the hardcover issue of my novel Blood Bound. A second edition of the book is now available with the hardcover. It was a bit of a problem getting it redone for the first edition and I was close to giving up on it. But I would like to see this book get wider distribution so I didn’t give up. I simply created a second version with a change in size with the same interior but with a slight change in the type of paper. Instead of white paper, it will be cream-colored paper and instead of a matte finish, it will be glossy. For this type of book cover, I think glossy would look a lot nicer. The line spacing in the interior was also changed to look more like a novel should look. The changes worked and the new version is now live on amazon.com. I just received a copy of the paperback yesterday and I was very pleased by how it looked.

It’s not easy doing everything yourself but that is the price you pay for self-publishing. To be honest I am on the verge of not wanting to do this anymore. It’s too much of a headache and causes me a lot of stress. The next book I write may be published with traditional publishing if God wills it. I think it’s time to give it a try. I have nothing to lose except my mind lol waiting for literary agents to read my query letters and send me hundreds of rejection letters in the process. They say you have to crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run. I feel that I am ready to run now and will give it my all. I hope you will take that journey with me when my next novel is completed.

Until next time…


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