What Happened to the Hardcover Version?

Hello everyone. The title to today’s blog post is probably the exact question of those who have tried to buy the hardcover version of Blood Bound. This week, I unfortunately, had to unpublish that version. Why? Because the size of the book was incorrect. It was much too big and that was because I chose the wrong size not knowing how big it would be. I self-publish all of my novels so that means doing everything yourself with no help from anyone and trying out new things for the first time not having a clue of the outcome and this time…I goofed.

I published with two different publishing platforms, Kindle Direct Publishing and Ingram Spark. KDP was going to offer three versions of Blood Bound, an eBook, a paperback, and a hardcover which is something new that KDP has been trying out this year. Until recently KDP did not offer a hardcover but when they first contacted me about trying it out, I couldn’t wait to finish my book so I could do it. I have always wanted to see my books on a hardcover.

After the book cover was designed it was rejected by Ingram Spark and KDP because the size or the resolution was incorrect. I had to pay to have the designer redo the book cover files for both because the requirements are different for both platforms. It was extremely frustrating to have the files rejected a second time after uploading them to both platforms so for KDP I chose a different size and it was accepted but after purchasing a copy I was mortified to see just how big the book was. It was as big as a textbook and it wasn’t supposed to look like that. My heart sunk. Even worse is that KDP has a rule where you can’t change the details of a book cover after the book is published so I unpublished it for the hardcover. Once again, I attempted to choose a smaller size but it wouldn’t let me. It was too late.

I have a slightly different issue with the hardcover case laminate for Ingram Spark. They said that there was an issue with the color variants and I had the designer redo it. It was rejected again. I uploaded a different version but got no updates on processing. After waiting a few days, I finally attempted to reach someone for support and am currently waiting for a response. Meanwhile, the only versions currently available for this book are the eBook and paperback.

I apologize to anyone who has tried to buy the hardcover version of this book. The issues I am having were unexpected. If there are any new developments on this issue, I will post them on my blog or Twitter account. Thank you for your patience and understanding. It is most appreciated.

Until next time…


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