Ready to Fall

Hey, everyone, and Happy Sunday to all of you! It’s getting very close to the Fall season and I can’t wait. One thing I would like to do is spend more time outdoors. I have always wanted to do some photography and post my photos online. Particularly nature photos. I always enjoy looking at others on Twitter so I would like to take some nice shots at God’s beautiful green Earth. Autumn is a great time to take photos. I had two photographers in my family yet I’ve never dabbled in it myself. It’s high time I got started.

It’s been rather hot in Illinois so I’m ready for the cool air, the sweater-wearing, and chili making. Not to mention anything made with pumpkin and spice. The only thing I don’t like about Fall is knowing that winter is just around the corner. But it’s well worth it just to enjoy the cool, crisp air, the beautiful red and yellow leaves on the trees, and one of my favorite childhood holidays, Halloween.

My new novel Blood Bound is about to enter the editing stage so I’m hoping to release it soon. In the meantime, I have also started preparing for my next novel. I don’t want to give away anything like a title or plot details just yet. I want to make sure all of my ideas pan out first before getting your hopes up.

I recently had to sell the family home after the death of my brother and although I will miss the place, it was a huge weight that was lifted off my shoulders. The past few years have been the most stressful of my life and now it’s time to move forward and do some things that I have always wanted to do. The grieving process has gotten a lot easier. One day at a time. I’ll try not to wait too long to post another blog entry. It’s been such a strange year so far. I know it seems like the world still isn’t doing so well right now with the Delta Variant threatening to take many lives and what’s happened in Afghanistan, but it is pointless to try and worry about all of the terrible things that are happening around us. That can make you sick. Believe me, I know. We must focus on making our personal worlds strong and leave the rest to God almighty. Not because we don’t care…but because if our lives aren’t on point, we can’t help anyone.

Until next time…


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