Paranormal Series Becomes Epic Fantasy

Hey there to all of my writers and readers out there. I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. Last week I had a major freak out over my current work in progress, but thankfully my beloved partner was able to talk me down from the ledge. This book has gone through so many changes that I have been going crazy. But what’s one more big change, right? (Silently screaming)

Recently I found out that my plot had too many similarities to someone else’s book series which is now airing as a Netflix show as we speak. I wish you could’ve seen the look on my face when I discovered this. I was ready to throw in the towel and burn it. I didn’t want to continue writing The Crimson Sun series. So, I had to think of a way to write this series without those similar elements and make it unique. Luckily that didn’t take long and the ideas just started pouring in.

My story began as a paranormal series about Vampire hunters, but certain details were just too similar to the book series V Wars by Johnathan Maberry. I felt like all of my hard work in recent months had been for nothing because I refuse to plagiarize myself. But then my partner whom I also consider my literary “Yoda” tried to calm me down and told me not to give up so easily. So, I reluctantly listened and low and behold, I came up with an idea that changed the entire genre of my book series. It has gone from paranormal to epic fantasy.

This will be the third time that I put this book through a major change. I truly hope that this will be the last time because I want to finish book one before I die of old age. I mean seriously my characters are giving me dirty looks. I will continue to keep everyone posted on the progression of this book that now has a new title as well. It is now called “The Sword of Lazarus” Thank you so much for being so patient as I do what I do best. It’s not easy being a writer and trying to please people. But really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Until next time…


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