Happy Easter!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Easter Sunday. I had a three-day weekend for this but I’m not doing anything special. I have just been taking this time to get some important business done for myself but today is a day of rest. For all of those out there wondering how my son is doing, he is great and just scored a new job. All is well. I’m still working on draft two of my book Dominion Lost and I can’t wait until this thing is finished. I hope to publish it this summer if possible. For Easter dinner, I wanted to do something special but my son requested homemade grilled burgers and fries so that’s what we are doing today. Tomorrow it’s back to work and business as usual. The weather is beautiful, so I hope everyone else is getting the same thing across the globe. I will try to blog more often in the upcoming months if I have something important or interesting to tell you because I do enjoy blogging. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend.

I miss the days when my mom and I would color easter eggs for my easter basket. That was a mother-daughter moment that I will always treasure. I miss her very much. RIP mom.

Until next time…

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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