Happy Sunday everyone. It’s been a rough couple of weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. I was rushed to the ER last week due to excruciating pain from a hernia in my stomach that had become so bad that it would have become life-threatening if I had not had surgery. So, they operated the next day and I was released the following day. I have been at home all this week recuperating and I am feeling pretty good now. 

During my week off from work, I started having problems with Twitter. I couldn’t view my feed or my profile. I’ve been losing followers since Elon Musk took control of it and I have been hearing about the latest walkouts of Twitter’s employees.  When I could no longer view my feed, I became fed up. I decided to just delete my account once and for all. I can no longer deal with the problems that Twitter is having right now. I apologize to all of my followers and the friends I made on Twitter but my time is now up on social media. I will not return and I will not be seen on any other social media. It was fun while it lasted but so many people hate Elon Musk that it is ruining the whole operation, which is sad. I felt it was finally time to jump off the sinking ship.

I tried to work on my novel and managed to finish it but there is still much more work to be done because it was completed prematurely and became the shortest novel I ever wrote. This is the result of going through what has been a rather difficult year for me. I won’t get into specifics but you already know about three of them. The death of my mother, the loss of my job. (I was able to go back), and this most recent health scare with a lot of physical suffering that came before it. There have been other problems that are private but yeah, writing this book hasn’t been easy. But I haven’t given up on it. At least not without trying to salvage what I’ve written already. It’s not my best work and may require a total rewrite. We shall see.

But despite all of these problems, I still have a lot to be thankful for. I am glad to still be alive to celebrate another Thanksgiving with my son. Our family is much smaller now but it’s still a family. I’m thankful to still have a roof over my head, and food on the table, despite my recent health issue I am still relatively healthy and I am ready to close out 2022 on a positive note.  Since I am still in pain, thanksgiving dinner will be purchased and premade with me just having to shove everything into the oven. I am giving myself a break this year.

Until next time.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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  1. bmack89 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Hi Eshelle, I am so glad to hear you are doing better and on the road to a speedy recovery. Congratulations on completing your new novel. I can’t wait to read it.
    Take care of yourself and family.
    Your childhood friend, Bridget.

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    1. eshelle23 says:

      Thank you,
      Bridget. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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