The eBook Is Here

Happy Sunday book lovers!

Well for the past week I’ve been diligently trying to hurry up and get my new book Blood Bound published for you guys and although the paperback and hardback versions are still in the works, at least I can happily announce that the eBook is now available on I know you’ve all been wondering if I was going to get this book out to you by the fall season as originally planned, and yes, I somehow managed to do just that.

This book was not the book I originally intended to write but my first idea did not pan out and I had to shelve it indefinitely. But that’s okay, writers go through this sometimes. Not every idea you come up with is going to be a keeper. I’ve been working on Blood Bound since the beginning of 2020 but believe it or not, I originally started on it in 2019 but didn’t know where to take the plot at the time. Sometimes you must let an idea simmer for a while and come back to it later. I’ve done that at least twice with a novel idea.

I added an Events category on my website so that every time a new book is released, or something is going on with it, you can stay up to date on new novels and there’s a link on the word that you can click on, and it will take you right to where you can purchase the book. When the other versions of this book become available, I will announce them on Twitter and my blog.

I hope you all enjoy this story because I struggled to stay focused on it during the pandemic and the death of my brother. It’s been very difficult, but the good Lord got me through it just like he always does. I thank you all for your patience while this project was being made and I am already currently planning my next novel. I don’t take a break for anything. However, now that this book is finally out, I have a lot less pressure and will take it easy on myself for the remainder of the year. Writing is what keeps me going, guys. Have a great week…

Until next time…


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