Shut You Out

I lie awake in the darkness

The only light comes from within

The world tries to turn me out

But they have no clue where I’ve been.

I try to shut you out

Lock the door

Throw away the key.

But you always manage

To creep inside

The walls that have protected me.

Ravaging my brain

Laughing at my faults

Daring me to violently react

But I keep singing the same song.

You can’t take me down

I will not fall apart

Life is just too short

No matter how strong you think you are.

I am a woman of Christ

I am a child of God

I’ve already been to Hell

I walked out because it was too hot.


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  1. bmack89 says:

    Very deep! Where do you get your inspiration? I would love to here from you please email me at Your childhood friend always! Bridget.


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