My Review of a New Writing Software Called Papyrus Author Pro

Hey everyone…

It’s been a productive week and the new book is still moving forward. When I write novels, I always use Microsoft Word but now and then I get this surge to try something new. Wednesday I came across a website that talked about some new writing software that looked promising. There was one in particular that caught my attention and it’s called Papyrus Author Pro. I became excited when I found out all of the useful tools it had to offer.

Once I made up my mind to try the free version simply called Papyrus Author, I couldn’t wait to download it. First of all, I love the way it looks. Your document is surrounded by a pin board where you can take notes about your book. Not only that, but you can even change the theme of the pin board. There are several themes to choose from and all are pleasing to the eye. You have a choice of solid colors and background images. I don’t know about you but the moment I found out that I could change the theme, I was sold. I love themes and background images and am always changing the ones for my desktop and Twitter page.

The first thing I looked at was the short video tutorial that shows you how to use this software. The free version and the paid version, Papyrus Author Pro which costs only $14. 99 per month to use. It gives you a short lesson on how to navigate through everything and it’s very easy to understand. With Pro, you get a few extra added features that are quite useful. I’ve already upgraded it!

The free version gives you a built-in grammar check, thesaurus, automatic backup, a character database allowing you to create a detailed profile of all of your characters and keep them well organized. Sold yet? You also get built-in Editing with style analysis, research tools, a think board to map all of the ideas in your head. It lets you publish e-books, PDFs, and manuscripts. With the paid version you get typewriter mode, advanced CMYK PDF/Printing, Expert style analysis, readability analysis, direct speech check, and more.

Look I don’t mean to come off as one of those annoying late night tv commercials that charge everything for $19.95 and winds up on the As Seen on TV shelf at Walgreens but this is probably one of the best writing software that I’ve come across in a long time that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. At times in the past, I have become bored with my book and I’m sure some of you can relate to that. And sometimes it helps to renew your love for your project by writing it on new software.

I am planning to continue my novel using this software and I wish they had come out with this years ago. I’ve been using it for three days so far and I have fallen in love with it. Oh yeah, it is compatible with Microsoft Word documents thank goodness so no need to worry.

Have a great week everyone…happy writing.

Until next time…         


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  1. kyleoyier says:

    Love your post👍💗
    So awesome. Could you kindly please checkout my blog at

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    1. eshelle23 says:

      Thank you and I sure will.


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