Cabin Fever

How are all my writers and readers out there? Is everyone surviving? For those of you that are, that is great. Continue doing whatever you are doing to avoid getting the covid-19 virus. Like all of you, I am sick and tired of wearing a mask every day. I am required to wear it at my job and in all public places. The shopping malls are dead, there’s hardly anyone there, beaches and amusement parks are still closed, summer events were canceled, there has been a lot of looting and protesting downtown so I haven’t left my neighborhood except to go to work. My vacation is pretty much over now and I feel like I didn’t get to have any fun. Cabin fever is driving me and my son to boredom and it is especially difficult for Authors and people who are forced to work at home during the spread of the coronavirus. How do you deal with all of this? How do you handle cabin fever?

Look, I love Netflix just as much as the next person but there’s only so many tv shows and movies to watch without becoming a vegetable. Quite frankly I do not watch most of what Netflix has to offer because the majority of their programming consists of a lot of strong graphic sex and violence and since I am a very spiritual person, I cannot bring myself to look at all of that and be comfortable. I often find myself watching films and shows that I have already seen. Stuff that I already know just to keep myself entertained or I am very careful in what I chose to watch.

Writing is a great way to pass the time but sitting for hours can be bad for your health so it’s always good to go outside (With a mask on) and just take a walk if you can or go bike riding, take a drive and turn on your favorite music. If you love to work out, go for a nice jog or walk the dog if you have one. Do anything to get out of the house. If you can’t go out, remember to get up now and then and stretch and drink plenty of water. Sometimes when I write and get into “The Zone” I tend to forget to go to the bathroom, I forget to eat, I forget to move. Don’t allow your body to become so comfortable in one place that you forget to live, it can save your life in the long run.

If you are like me and have very few friends, it makes it hard to enjoy doing anything outside of the house. Sometimes you have to accept the fact that you are alone and you must try to enjoy spending time with yourself. Or visit a family member. Everybody needs somebody. I don’t deal with dating sites or try to meet people on social media. Why? Simple…the world is crazy! I don’t trust anyone. Especially nowadays. Even people I have had as friends or lovers have all let me down in some way. It’s just not worth it.

Some people cannot handle being alone and will hang out with just anybody to keep from being lonely. I am not one of those people. I enjoy being alone and there’s nothing weird about it. That’s just me. It doesn’t mean I don’t like people; it just means that if I have to choose between dealing with someone that is going to hurt me or bring me a whole lot of drama and being alone and having peace of mind, I will choose to be alone every time.

Cabin Fever is rough on most people who love going out and doing things. I am also one of those people but I have learned how to adapt to either situation. During these trying times, it’s not easy trying to find someplace interesting to go. And after a lot of endless searching, you just find yourself staying home. But there is an up-side. The more you stay at home, the less of a risk you have of catching Covid-19. Life may seem boring right now but it will not last forever. That’s what you have to keep telling yourself. Life will get back to normal at some point. It has to, or we will have a lot of people making very bad decisions because they have lost all hope. That is the one thing we cannot do no matter how bad it gets. We cannot lose hope.

Stay strong everyone and thanks for reading.

Until next time…


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