My Thoughts on Racism


Hello everyone. I hope you had a great week. The past couple of weeks have been interesting with all of the protests and rioting going on across the nation. We seem to be going from one thing to another in 2020. From almost starting World War 3 to Kobe Bryant’s death, to the coronavirus and now protesting, rioting and looting in the streets after the death of a man named George Floyd whom had to lose his life in order to wake up a nation.

I cried as I saw the video of what happened to Mr. Floyd and my heart goes out to him and his family for such a horrible act that can only be done by someone who is pure evil. And the cops that just stood around letting it happen are no better. They all deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. The question is will they be? We will have to wait and see. I am all for protesting but does it work? Will it change how cops treat black people, my people? I wish I had a better answer to that question but I honestly don’t think it will. Because if it did then all of this wouldn’t have continued after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and ’60s.

After all, we have been through as a race, we still are not treated equally, we are still kept out of high paying job opportunities, and we are still looked upon as people from the ghetto that is lazy, don’t want to work, always committing crimes and having too many babies that we cant take care of. But these accusations are not about race, it’s about people trying to survive in a world that makes it very difficult for anyone who is not wealthy to make it in this society. There will always be an upper class and a lower class because that is what this world seems to thrive on. Even if we all made the same amount of money, they would still find a way to make some groups appear better than others. It’s a no-win situation. There will never be a world where everyone wins. There will always be a dividing line no matter what we do, how educated we are, how much money we have or how hard we work. Black people are not lazy, people are lazy, black people don’t have a lot of babies, people have a lot of babies. Blacks did not create the type of lifestyles that we are always accused of having but the media is guilty of making it look like we are. And as a result, whites have this inaccurate view of us. Why are we singled out?

 I have met plenty of poor white people who have the same issues as poor blacks but no one says anything about them or accuses them of being lazy or uneducated or criminals. It’s always us and this needs to end. All whites are not educated, all whites are not able to care for their kids, white people commit crimes just as well as blacks. So do Latinos. But blacks are always singled out.

I’m tired of people in the comment sections of reports about the protests saying that this stuff only happens to criminals. It doesn’t. Innocent people are getting killed as well. And even if the victim is a criminal, it doesn’t matter. Because they deserve a fair trial like anyone else. But nowadays they don’t even make it to jail, they are murdered when caught. That is not an arrest, that is a lynching!

I am seeing more people speaking out on racism than ever before which is good because it should be talked about. Blacks should not have to be silent when treated unfairly because of the color of their skin just because they are afraid of being accused of playing the race card. When someone treats white people unfairly, they speak up, so why can’t blacks?

I love people. I love all people and I don’t give a damn what color anyone’s skin is. My boyfriend is a white Canadian and we love each other and plan to marry. We don’t care if anyone doesn’t like it or looks at us funny when we walk down the street holding hands or when we kiss in public. We are proud of each other and we are happy together. That’s all that matters. We may be different colors but we have a hell of a lot in common and we are best friends till the end. We tell each other everything and yes, we even talk about the race issue and we support each other’s dreams and aspirations It don’t get no better than that. Is our relationship perfect, no of course it isn’t but it’s pretty damn close, but nobody’s relationship is perfect? It takes a lot of work and dedication. And we’re doing it.

I don’t ever expect racism to go away. Not in my lifetime. This world and this country are way too corrupt. We didn’t even get this country by being peaceful or by being friendly, we obtained it by spilling blood. And unfortunately, from the way things are looking, I fear that is how things will end. By spilling blood…Unless we wake up and realize that we belong together and can work together to make this a better world for our children and our grandchildren. But can we do it? Can we stop the hate and drop the ignorance and just do it and breathe and be at peace? Or are we going to continue to watch this world implode because we don’t know how to treat each other with love, kindness and respect?

 I believe we can and judging from all of the white people that I see protesting right along with blacks which is a beautiful thing to see, maybe there is still hope for us all.  

Until next time…

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