Self-Publishing…Is It A Scam?


Happy Memorial Day Weekend everybody! I’ve got a much -needed three-day weekend and I plan to get some much-needed rest. Over the past week I read an article that said that self-publishing is a scam and it’s been on my mind ever since. As some of you already know, all of my books were self-published. But there was no fee required for this service. I used CreateSpace and then Kindle Direct Publishing. But although I do make some money from book sales it is not enough to quit my day job. If a self-publisher charges you money and promises you success as an Author after using their services, then I strongly recommend that you consider trying another avenue for getting your book published. Because oftentimes it is a scam.

After self-publishing all of my books, I have decided that I will more than likely not self-publish the next book. I’m not saying Kindle-direct publishing isn’t a good service, it is; especially since it is free and you will get your book placed on amazon for sale. I’m saying that I would prefer my book to have more exposure. CreateSpace offered my books on at least three websites that I am aware of. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and eBay. But I have yet to see any of my works on bookstore shelves or libraries. What Author doesn’t want to see the books they’ve written on a bookstore shelf? It’s a dream come true. But it’s not easy to get.

Traditional publishing is always preferred but it’s an avenue not always taken. Why? Because it can take months, even years to get published by a traditional publishing house. You have to have your book professionally edited, send out query letters to potential literary agents to sell your book ideas to them in hopes that one of the dozens or hundreds of agents will even give your book a chance. They are the ones that can get your book published and once that happens, you shouldn’t have to pay them for the privilege of selling and promotion or distribution of your book. They should be paying you. If the book is a success. Yes, I said if. Because even going through all of that does not guarantee you success or a place on the Best Sellers List. The book could still not do well. It’s a chance you take. It’s very similar to getting a record deal for singers. But I think singers are under a lot more pressure than Authors.

The bottom line is, there are a lot of publishers out there and some of them don’t tell you upfront that they are self-publishers. They make it look like they are legit when they are just trying to take your money. Be careful when choosing a publisher even if you are lucky enough to find a self-publisher that is legit. And always be mindful of what they offer. If you want your book to have a wide distribution in stores, libraries, websites, book clubs, etc., remember that self-publishers usually do not offer this with the exception of Ingram Sparks which you do have to pay for. I don’t know much about them so you would have to do some research to make sure that you will get everything they promise. But so far, I don’t have a problem with Ingram Sparks. They even offer hardcovers for your books which is great since Kindle Direct Publishing does not. It’s best to do your homework when searching for the right self-publisher because some of them are indeed scams. You just have to know what you’re dealing with when you make that choice. Traditional publishing is always the best way to go but many don’t want to wait months or years to get published. Trust me, I am one of those people.

Have a great holiday and a great week.

Until next time…


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