Update on the New Novel


Hey everyone and Happy Sunday! The secret project is still very much a secret. For a very good reason. I want to make sure that this project will be a keeper. I don’t want to get you all excited about this new book only for it to never come to fruition. Give me a few months before I start letting you in on what this book is about. But I can say this, it’s still in the beginning stages and I’ve just recently made some changes to the plot, the title, and certain names. The first draft always seems to go through the most changes. And thank God for that. Can you imagine having to make that many changes after the book is finished?

I admit with all of the news about the pandemic, I have become easily distracted. How many of you has a problem staying focused? Especially when you write? This is a problem that I have had ever since I became a published author. And frankly, I still don’t know how to remain focused. Especially during these uncertain times. A part of my mind wants to worry, another part wants to work, and another part wants to be distracted so that I don’t have to worry or work. I know, my mind is all over the place these days but you know what? It was like that even before the pandemic.

What distracts me the most? The internet! I suspect this is the culprit for a lot of people. Cause it is always there with a world of information keeping us up to date every second. It’s kind of hard to resist checking the latest headlines that seem to change every few minutes. But avoiding the news is not always the answer. I need to learn how to manage my time better and schedule my writing time and commit to it. It’s hard to get through each day without worrying about this virus.

It’s pretty much impossible. But even though we can’t escape it, we can take a break from it. I know that sounds completely crazy right now but it can be done. Writing this book is my distraction from reality and I want to escape. I’m sure you all can understand why. I’ll bet you even want to go with me. A trip into some crazy adventure that will take your imagination to its highest heights. I can’t wait until this book if at least halfway complete. Because I want to go on this ride that I take every time I work on something new. It’s a great feeling and I can’t wait to share it with you. All in good time.

But until then, stay focused, and if you must get distracted, do it with flair and use it to stay in the zone.

Until next time…


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