The Writing Break Is Over!

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday! It’s been a long but productive week. For the past few months, I have been sitting on an idea for a new book series but never got it started because I was working on Brave Little Soldiers. The idea was so good that my partner convinced me to at least write down some ideas for it. He helped me come up with some of those ideas and together we conjured up something worth investing in.

For now, this project is a secret that’s just between us because I have to make sure I can finish this one before I start telling you all about it. I won’t even reveal the title yet because then you will want to know more. I just know that I have already started on it and ended my week-long writing break just so that I could do this. Trust me, once my partner and I started brainstorming, it was hard not to start working on the first book. Chapter One is already completed.

I know you are probably wondering what happened to the other book, Brave Little Soldiers. Well, I had to make a difficult decision during that break from writing. The story was lacking in some very important things but it taught me something. I do not know how to write science fiction. For the past two years, my genre has been Urban Fantasy and I feel that I should stick with it. Urban Fantasy YA novels are what I enjoy doing the most. Even above romance. But who knows, my romance novel A Woman of Courage is still doing well, even better than my other two novels, and who knows, maybe one day I will surprise everyone and write another romance novel. Time will tell.

When I complete the first draft of the new novel, then I will tell you more about it. But since I have a bad habit of not finishing books, I decided to do things this way to not get people invested in something that may or may not happen.

The past year and this year have been a very difficult time. Last year I was mourning my father’s death and dealing with my mom’s dementia. This year I am dealing with the coronavirus like the rest of the world and frankly, I don’t know which is worse. The death of my father was the worst thing that I ever had to deal with but this pandemic is something that I can’t even get a grip on. Not only do I have to worry about my family and friends dying, but I also have to realize that I could die as well. That is the scariest feeling in the world. It’s been hard to write under this kind of stress so please forgive me. Let’s just hope that this turn of events will pass soon because like you, I can’t wait for things to just get back to normal.

Have a great week…

Until next time.


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