My Predictions of a Post COVID-19 World

Hey there everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that I am feeling better. And taking a break from writing was helpful. I no longer feel the pressure that I’ve been under but the stress that the pandemic started comes and goes. With all that’s been going on, I can see how anyone would be stressed.

This year will go down in history because of so many deaths and how COVID-19 has changed our way of life so drastically. I wonder if things will ever be the same again after all of this is over. Until there’s a cure I think the public will still be afraid even after they open everything up again. I think we will all become germaphobes and will still be compelled to keep our distance from strangers. I think we may also get OCD and continue washing our hands obsessively at least for awhile.

I predict that we may become more health-conscious after all of the weight gains from being quarantined and eating comfort food. Because the virus is worse on people who already have serious health issues. I believe we will try to lose weight and eat right just in case there’s another pandemic in the future. It’s better to be prepared for anything at this point.

The next pandemic may not happen for another one hundred years but because these are the end times, you never know what may be coming for us next. We need to stay alert and question everything. Don’t take anything for granted and for god’s sake never trust the government because they have been proven to be untrustworthy and love to keep us in the dark about things that they know we should know about. No matter how terrifying it is because the fear of the unknown is so much scarier.

Even though we are now more divided as a nation than ever before due to having to keep our distance from each other, we are also closer to our loved ones more than ever before because now we know that there’s a chance, we could lose them. Now we know that with a blink of an eye…they could die of this horrible virus. We’ve been forced to stay at home and sacrifice hanging out with friends and relatives and working in the company of others so that we don’t infect anyone else. We have to spend more time with our loved ones whom we share a home with. More time than we’ve ever spent before. Let’s face it, it’s bringing us closer to the people we really love and drifting us further apart from the ones we don’t.

 We are learning how to survive during what is one of the most challenging times we have ever seen in our lifetime. Regardless of how bad we feel we still find a way to get up every morning and deal with all of this. We are getting stronger. We are also learning how to be more compassionate and be there for those who have less or for those who are just plain scared. And life goes on with these added new strengths.

In the end, we may come out of all this with a tremendous amount of grief if we’ve lost anyone from the virus, increased mental health issues from being isolated for so long, really bad haircuts, and a few extra pounds. But we will also come out of this stronger, wiser, healthier and fearless. Knowing that if we can get through something so terrible that it will wind up in our great grandkid’s history books…we can get through anything.

Until next time.


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