Writing A Science Fiction Novel

Hey there everyone. I know Spring came weeks ago but now it’s finally starting to feel like it. But we can’t even enjoy it fully with the ongoing pandemic turning our lives upside down. But while we are quarantined, we can at least be creative. I have been continuing my novel Brave Little Soldiers and was finally able to get out of my writing slump. Although this new novel has been fun to write there’s something that I feel that I must admit to you guys. Writing a science fiction novel is as hard as hell!

I’ve always been a fan of science fiction films and Star Wars as you all know is my favorite. But watching science fiction and writing it is so entirely different. There is so much technology to know and understand. It seems as if it has a language all its own. I’ve only read one or two science fiction novels in my lifetime and didn’t finish either one. And one of them was a Star Wars novel and I remember all the techie lingo being used. It’s very hard to adapt to that kind of writing style, especially if it’s your first time.

This week I was faced with having to write a scene that included a space battle and I found that it is very difficult to make something like that sound exciting. My partner suggested that I do some extensive research. Something that I do not enjoy doing because it requires me to do a lot of reading. That is something that I don’t have a lot of time to do. But I know what you’re thinking, you think that since I have to spend a lot of time at home any way so I should have plenty of time to read. Well not exactly because my job is essential so I still have to get up and go to work every morning. But a lot of famous authors have said that the best way to learn how to write is to read and I couldn’t agree more. I just have to find the time.

Some of the best novels for reading about space battles include:

The Last Fleet Series by Jack Campbell

The Honor Harrington Series by David Weber

The Star Wars books by Timothy Zahn

Even though there’s a specific language for Science fiction you can also just create your own. The best part about fiction writing is being creative and making up your material. Especially if you really can’t find suitable words to describe the way a spaceship looks and its inner components. When writing a science fiction novel, you may also have to create names for creatures and robots, androids and basically anything that well… looks weird. These types of characters may speak multiple languages but you need not try to come up with names for a thousand languages but it would look pretty cool if you could come up with at least three or four.

Strong visuals are an absolute must in writing science fiction stories because they often include futuristic places and faraway planets. We want to help readers to escape to worlds that they have never seen before and couldn’t even dream about. Those places can be beautiful and exotic or just downright scary. We want to make readers not only feel like they are at these places but also enjoy the experience.

Writing Science fiction requires a lot of vivid imagination and in my opinion, this is one of the hardest genres to write. I must be crazy to put myself through this knowing that it can turn out to be a total disaster. Sometimes I feel like I am a little in over my head with this project but I will keep working on it and pray that I can pull it off. I’m sure that it will suck when I’m done but I will try my best to fix it so that it doesn’t. You guys are worth it.

Have a great week everyone.

Be safe and stay healthy…


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