Me and My Computer (A Love Story)

Hey there and happy Sunday to all of you! This week I had to give up my laptop because the unthinkable happened. It crashed! The word panic for me was an understatement. My son was able to get my desktop back but diagnosed it as having a bad hard drive that will soon die out altogether. My first reaction was “Noooooooo! It meant shelling out more money to buy a new computer. But that’s exactly that’s what I had to do.

So, my son and I took a trip to Best Buy and I looked at all their computers but only one of them spoke to me. It was a Dell All in One computer. I was smitten right away and couldn’t take my eyes off it. It’s big widescreen was a turn on after years of straining my eyes looking at my laptop screen. I paid for him and took that baby home.

Keyboard with red heart on button, close-up

I spent the evening getting to know him and redownloading and installing my programs and of course adding those finishing touches that make this computer Me, only to discover that It was slower than it should’ve been, I had issues keeping a connection on Skype and watching videos. My son told me that this shouldn’t be happening on a brand-new computer. Especially for the high price, I paid for it. My son and boyfriend talked me into taking this computer back, a computer that I instantly fell in love with. I was angry because I was going to have to undo everything that I put into it and take it back and get a better one. My heart was breaking…

I didn’t want to part with him because I didn’t want to let it go. The connection was strong and deep. But my boyfriend picked out one of much better quality. It looked different and costed just a little more money than the other one and was much faster. I agreed to get another one, but all of this depressed me for the rest of the evening.

When the new computer arrived, I took one look at it and hated it with a passion. Even though it looked nice and was of better quality. I complained that the screen looked smaller even though my son swore that it was the same size as the previous one. I kept trying to find every fault so that I wouldn’t have to keep it. But to no avail, it was useless. The more I used the computer the more I liked it. The speed was lightning fast, the skype connection was great, Videos and music looked and sounded perfect. I did not argue that this was the right choice for computers.

I must admit I still miss the previous computer. But I now believe that I can work with the new one and be happy with it. I guess sometimes it’s hard to let things go even if you do have a connection with it. But if it’s not working for you the way it should, it isn’t right for you. No matter how great it looks.

Until next time…


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