The Future

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a good week. I know it’s been hard with a lot of tragic things happening in the world. The helicopter crash that killed basketball star Kobe Bryant and his 13 -year- old daughter Gianna. And the spread of the Coronavirus which has killed many people and starting a worldwide panic. When this year began, I was hoping it would be better than last year but so far, we are getting off to a very bad start. It’s got me thinking a lot about the future of mankind and how it relates to the book I am working on.

My book which has been titled Brave Little Soldiers is a science fiction story set in the very far future. Let’s just say a lot has changed on Earth and without giving too much away I have been challenging myself to try and recreate Earth and how I envision it to be after an alien invasion starts a huge war between Earth and another planet called Osiris. Half of the population and Earth’s countries have all been destroyed causing a shortage of soldiers to fight. This war forces the entire planet to ban together and form a new and improved army of soldiers that not only include men and women but children between the ages of fourteen and seventeen brought on by the draft.

Much of Earth is rebuilt in order to compete with the high-tech futuristic planet Osiris which so far is a challenge for me as an Author. I have to figure out what Earth would look like during an era such as this. I have seen many movies depicting a futuristic-looking Earth, but I don’t want my book to look like a copy of what’s already been done in film. I guess all of this has caused me to wonder what will become of mankind in the future.  Will we be just as evil and ruthless as we are now or so much worse. I am thinking the latter.

The world is getting worse and it seems like nothing can be done to stop any of it. I’m sure avoiding the news, particularly the world news is a suggestion to close our eyes to all of the negativity. But we can only close them for so long. I think that discussing these things is helpful in order to cope, instead of just keeping our feelings and opinions buried inside. Because doing so just makes us afraid and feel helpless. Like we as a nation are so drug-fueled, mentally compromised, greedy, weak-minded racist sex addicts who only care about ourselves and no one else. We murder and steal from our own families and friends; we lie and cheat to get what we want. We think it’s cooler to be bad and boring to be good. And having this type of mentality is destroying us and our world. Our kids are raising themselves and they are doing it wrong.

But it’s time we stop allowing ourselves to be and feel victimized. It’s time we fought back to save our planet, not destroy it. Not only save it but take care of it as well. But it has to be everyone not just a few people. But one person can make a difference. I see a very dark future for us in the coming years and I’m sure I am not the only one. But we are not weak, we are not helpless. We need to stop doing the things that are slowly destroying our bodies, our minds, and our souls. Or we won’t have a planet to protect. We will not have each other to lean on either. Have you ever noticed that the only time everyone puts their bigotry and issues and beliefs aside is when the whole country is being attacked? Why do we always wait until something horrific happens to start working together? Just something to think about.

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