Getting Off to a Rough Start

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday! Today’s blog is going to be shorter than usual because I am having some personal family issues that are weighing me down right now. I just wanted to give you an update on my next project. It took me a while to come up with a new story idea. I managed to come up with at least two of them this past week, but they just didn’t work. The last thing that I want to do is waste another year on a story that will never take off. 2019 wound up being a total waste.

All week I was majorly depressed over some things but by Thursday I was okay and feeling good. I managed to come up with a new plot Friday night and was all prepared to start on the outline when I was suddenly hit with a very bad case of writer’s block. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Whenever I am going through some sort of problem, I have a difficult time writing anything and it’s crippling. So, I did something that usually works like a charm and began reading The Institute by one of my favorite authors, Stephen King. I pre-ordered this book last year as a birthday gift to myself. I had planned on reading it months ago but never had the time. I only read the first couple of pages and then all of a sudden, I was back in business.

I have started outlining this novel and plan to write as I go along this time. The reason why is because I don’t want the writer’s block to come back. If I go a few days without writing, I become blocked and it’s something that I absolutely can’t stand so instead of waiting until I complete the entire outline like I usually do, I will write the book as I come up with each scene. Waiting too long to actually begin writing the story can even make a writer lose their enthusiasm for writing it. So, it’s better to start as soon as possible while the creative juices are flowing. I have high hopes for this story which for now is titled Redemption.  This will most likely not be a book series, but we shall see how things go. Things can always change, right? Sadly, the main character from the book I was writing last year will not be featured in this book. It just wasn’t a good fit. I had to make everything new and the genre of this story is post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

Well, this sounds like it’s going to be interesting and the process has already begun. So, wish me luck and have a great week.

Until next time…

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