Starting Over

Hey everyone and Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had fun ringing in the new year. It always seems to bring on feelings of wanting to change or improve something about oneself. As the countdown began, I could feel the bad things of last year lifting out of me. And there were many. And when that ball dropped and a new year emerged, I felt a feeling of relief and peace like I’ve never felt before. 2019 was horrible for me but I strongly feel that 2020 will be much better. A new attitude, a new health regime, a new place to live, a vacation that will be my first in years and… a new story.

Yes. You heard me right. For the past few weeks now, I haven’t been feeling right about the book I’ve been working on. It started as an old story that I tried to revive but has now become something I no longer feel a connection to. It happens to writers sometimes. You can work on a project for months, maybe even longer and all of a sudden, you just stop, take a good hard look at what you’ve done and want to trash the whole thing. It’s a devastating feeling when you think your on to something and it turns out to not be what you thought it was. It’s a big letdown. But there’s also a feeling of relief too.

I am keeping my main character because she is an incredible person who just doesn’t want to disappear. But the story I was telling about her was just too old. She wants a new story that does not include siblings like before. This one is only about her and friends of hers. There is a lot to be said about starting over and as much as I hate to do this, I just have to. Last year was not a complete waste of time. I was writing and I had to keep writing in order to keep my head above water. But now, my head is clear, and for the first time in a long time, I am able to put the past behind me and move forward. Sometimes in life, you need a do-over. But unfortunately, we don’t always get that chance. Luckily in the literary world, you can rewrite or start a new story any time you want. And that’s great. I’m not a best- selling author and I don’t have billions of fans waiting for my next book to come out. But I am mindful of the fact that I do have people who enjoy what I do, and I am doing this for you as well. I want to write the best novel that I can and want you all to enjoy it. So please allow me a chance to stop and regroup and start a better story. Because if it sucks lol, I don’t want you all writing to me saying I shouldn’t have written this. I want good feedback as any writer would. Thanks for being patient and thanks for reading my blog every week. You have no idea how much that means to me. Let’s make this year great and let’s make it memorable…

Until next time.


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