Hey everyone and happy Sunday! I wanted to chime in and let you all know that my illness is finally going away and I am getting back in gear just in time for the holiday season. Halloween is approaching and even though I don’t celebrate it anymore I always make sure that my family and I have our own personal stash of Halloween candy ready. Let the scary movies begin. I have to say that this week has been a scary one because for a moment, it looked like the medicines the doctor prescribed for me weren’t doing their thing. But now that I am almost done taking them, I can honestly see a vast improvement within the past two days.

 I started my advanced fiction writing course this week and have been working hard to learn everything I can so that I can make my next novel as badass as I want it to be. After only getting through lessons one and two, I can already see some improvement in my ability to plot a story which has made me take a good hard look at my work in progress. I hate to use the C-word, but I have to. It’s a bad word for a writer but I’m going to say it. Changes! They have to be made. Basically, this book which was prewritten in 2008 will have to be completely rewritten except for what I’ve been writing for the past month. Yes, I said it and I’m crying inside but it’s really necessary. It won’t take as long as you might think. I know, it sounds like a hell of a lot of work and you know what? Your right, it is. But if I don’t listen to my gut instincts about this book, it’s not going to be badass. Trust me.

I kind of feel like this book has turned the tables on me. It seems to have a mind of its own and I’m not kidding about that. This book is telling me how to write it, not the other way around mind you but, telling me. Now…for those of you who actually know me, you know that I despise being told what to do lol. But in this case, I’m willing to make an exception. I want this book to be great. I want it to be the best book I’ve ever written. And I’m willing to pull out all the stops to make it happen. Even if it means extra work, extra money for an Editor and querying until my brains fall out. I am even trying to work on my one biggest flaw as an author. Writing while distracted. You know my stance on technology, well I still have a love/hate relationship with it because even though it helps to make my life easier, it also sucks the life right out of me. And I have to learn how to work around it and make it work better for me. It’ll be worth the effort if it helps me to get this book finished.

This is my first book series and I don’t even have the ideas written for book two yet, but I do know where I want to take my main character. She has a journey that she will be going on at the end of Book 1 and all of you will be enjoying the ride right along with her. And I want to introduce you to her right now. Her name is Dana Caravan. She is biracial and beautiful. She’s seventeen-years-old and a Vampire Hunter. She works with her two brothers Brian and Eric in San Antonio Texas and the three of them will have one hell of a fight on their hands. The story is set in a few years from now and Vampires have taken over the city and possibly the entire country, they own the government, and yes even the internet. They are wreaking havoc in every part of this country and there’s too many of them to kill. They are like locusts. But someone is ready to take on the job of getting rid of them once and for all.

No Blade is not in this book and even though I love Blade, he will not be making any appearances in this book series lol. If he did, I would get sued and I’m not ready to get sued by Marvel comics, okay? I’d rather just watch the Blade movies and enjoy them like everybody else.

Well, that was a sneak peek inside this story and I just want to brace everyone because it won’t be pretty. This story will be bloody and grittier than anything I’ve ever written. I just hope that I can do it justice because it’s a story that wants to be told so badly that it’s telling me how to write it. So needless to say, I will be doing some things that I never dreamed I’d do for this one. Just so you know. My fourth book will be better than the last three and I hope it gets your attention when it’s finally released. I’m very excited about it and hope you will be too. I hope everyone has a great week and I will continue to keep you posted on my next novel Crimson Sun Book 1: The Fight for Blood.

Until next time…


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