Second Chances

Hey there and Happy Sunday! It’s been a hell of a week you guys. My ex-boyfriend and I got back together after a bad breakup that left both of us feeling lost. Yes, he is the one that I have often spoken about. We realized that not only are we meant to be together, but we have a lot of lost time to make up. At any rate, we couldn’t be happier. Anything that is meant to have a second chance should because sometimes life can really throw you on your ass and try to keep you there. It takes a lot of soul searching, communication, forgiveness, and understanding in order to see where you really and truly belong. Sometimes you even have to go through some things in order to realize what’s real and what’s not. But if you can be true to yourself, you will find that everything will fall back into place and things will be as they should be if you can get past any fears or mistrusts and let it happen.

My current work in progress is also getting a second chance at life. I am now at the half-way mark of my novel which will be titled The Fight for Blood until further notice. This is the first novel I have ever written where I have consistently enjoyed working on it. So, it’s going quite well. This is the second draft for a story that I wrote in 2008 and shelved because I had no intention of ever getting it published. I was wrong to do that to myself. When you work hard for a long time at something, trying to mold it into something good, you should never just forget about it and move on to something else. This novel is getting new life breathed into it with new ideas and new challenges and I am confident that when it’s complete, it will be something worth reading.

Recently I was talking to my partner about how I feel like my writing could use some improvement and that I feel as though I am not the writer that I want to be and should be. So together we tried to figure out a way that I can improve and breathe new life into my writing style. I decided to take an advanced fiction writing course so that I can improve some of the skills that I feel I am weakest at such as description of a scene and plotting out a story. Character development and creating suspense. I have already found the course that I want to take, and it will be online starting next month. I never stop learning and if it’s one thing I’ve learned from watching other artists throughout the years is that in order to be great at something, you really have to learn everything you can to develop your craft. It’s hard to believe that I was going to give up writing in 2016.

On September 24th I will turn 51. My birthday present to myself was the new Stephen King book The Institute. I have yet to crack it open, but I imagine that I will within the next few days. He is my favorite author and I know it’s going to be great. I can’t believe I’m this old lol. But I’m so glad that I’m still alive to see another birthday. Thanks to all of my followers on Twitter and Word Press for making this old girl feel welcome and reminding me that life and love deserves a second chance.

Have a great week everyone…


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