Month: June 2019

The List

Happy Sunday everyone. Over the past week, I have been reevaluating my goals as an author. And I concluded that I no longer care about becoming a best-selling author… I know, shocking isn’t it? Let me explain why. I did some soul searching and realized that I have not enjoyed trying to reach that goal.

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Summer Writing

Hey everyone. The cold weather is finally over, and summer is here. It’s got me thinking about how half the year is already over and all the things that I have accomplished and all of the plans I’m making. The year began in tragedy and a lot of changes have taken place and are still

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The Stigma

Why do we naturally assume that just because we are depressed a lot, that we are mentally ill? I grew up thinking that mental illness meant that you were talking to yourself out loud, or hallucinating. Extremely paranoid to the point of being afraid of absolutely everything. Yet now society is eager to put this

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