The Future

Hey there all. I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Over the past few days, I’ve been thinking about the future and where I would like to see myself. I can imagine seeing myself as a best- selling Author, married and living in a nice Condo overlooking the city skyline. I’m not sure what city. Somewhere over the rainbow. Why oh why can’t I? lol. I thought about Canada for a while, but after thinking long and hard, there’s nothing for me there anymore. What I thought was there is long gone and it’s time I changed my focus. Sometimes even dreams you were sure about, have to change. And that’s okay. As long as it’s what you want.

For many writers, the future looks bright. There will never be a time when people won’t want to read. If there’s ever a war that destroys our technology, books will be in high demand. All kinds too and I would love for people to get lost in mine right along with everyone else’s. I remember a time when being a best -selling Author meant nothing to me and that is also a time when money was not that important to me. But as the economy falls apart and the outlook of the financial situation begins to look bleaker for the older generation, I find that money has become necessary in order to have a comfortable life.

I’m not in my twenties anymore, I am fifty-years-old. Even though I may not look it, this is my reality. I am starting an online course in Editing next week that is already raring to begin. This is something that will help me to become more financially independent, just in case my books don’t sell the way I want them to. A writer should always have a backup plan. And this is mine. I have a day job but it’s not something that I enjoy doing, nor do I want to do it when I really do get old and gray. Editing will allow me to go into business for myself or work for a publishing company. The good thing about becoming an Editor is you get to read a lot of books, but that means reading the bad ones too ugh! Lol. But it’s worth it. It is also an Editor’s job to turn that bad book into a good one and I am confident that I can do it. When I read online content, I always find myself picking out professional writer’s mistakes lol. Now that’s bad when an unprofessional can correct a professional. And I have corrected many mistakes that just shouldn’t be there.

It’s actually fun and I can’t wait to get started on this course. I am sure I will love it. As far as writing goes, I plan to write until I die. I enjoy it so much. Luckily writing is a career that can be done no matter how old one gets. I plan to make it work for me and get better at it as time goes by. I never stop learning. Since my father died, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my life and the past as well as the future. I have also been trying to focus more on the present because I don’t want to get so busy planning for the future, that I allow life to pass me by. Because I have big plans for the present as well. But that’s another story.

Until next time…


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