My Trip to The Writers Museum

Hey everyone. I hope you all had a productive week. I know I have. As I was trying to figure out what my next blog post would be, I remembered something that I never shared with you. Last year My ex and I went to The American Writers Museum in Downtown Chicago. Yes, and your all probably wondering why I never mentioned it before. It’s because, at that time, I wasn’t writing any new blog posts, so it just didn’t come to mind. But now that my blog is up and running again, I can talk about it now. I don’t remember every detail of the place, but I did manage to take a few photos while we were there.

This was a much-anticipated excursion for us because we are both Writers and it was surprisingly not expensive at all. $12 for adults and Free for kids. It’s located at 180 N. Michigan in Chicago Illinois, Suite 300 on the second floor. When we first walked in there was someone standing behind a big desk waiting to greet us, answer our questions and take payment for tickets. The entire museum seemed to go around in a circle, covering the entire floor. Although I would’ve loved to have had a cup of coffee from my favorite cafe in my hand food and drinks were not allowed. I can just hear my ex saying boooooo lol.

Along the path, we saw walls covered with information and photos of every famous writer you could possibly imagine. I saw Ida B Wells, Mya Angelou (my favorite), Langston Hughes, and EB White just to name a few. There were interactive word games to play. We played one game while we were there, and I had a little trouble with it, but my ex seemed to be a wiz at it.

With each writer’s photo comes a bio and a list of their many published works. You may not feel like reading everything because like I said, it’s a lot of information but if you focus on the ones that you love and the ones that interest you, you will enjoy yourself. The museum doesn’t just mention writers either. They also display quotes from favorite musicians and singers, poets and philosophers. So, I highly recommend going if you haven’t been there before. I was able to find every writer and poet that I have ever admired growing up and hope that someday in the future we will see our names on the wall of great artists.

Do not go expecting to see something spectacular. It is a very quiet place, but it is very educational, and a treat for anyone who has a love for great literature. Would I ever go again? Yes. Because it is the only place where you can go to see all of your favorite writers being celebrated under one roof. That is something that was well overdue. There was talk about expanding the museum and if they do that, I will definitely be back.  I am glad that they chose Chicago, my hometown to have such a wonderful place for writers of all genres and subjects.

If you want to get a better view of what this place looks like or if you need more info, you can go to

Until next time…


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