The Hard Decision

Hey there and Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers and fellow writers out there. Lately, while I’ve been working on my next book and querying agents for the most recent one that I completed titled Evil Has No Color, I thought very hard about how long I want to carry this out. At this time, I am unable to afford to get my book professionally edited and It could take years for an agent to reply back wanting to work with me. With the book only edited by me, they may not want to take a chance on it at all. So, after coming to these painful conclusions, I have decided to continue self-publishing my books until I can afford to hire a professional Editor or become an Editor which is one of my goals. But it takes a lot of money to go back to school and earn an Editing Certificate. That is all I need because I already have a BA in Marketing Communications and Journalism.

I am not that upset about this because I am going to continue to write more books and if I have my way, will release a new book every year or every two years to gain an audience. I’m still new to the whole self-publishing arena and am still learning. But I think I’m doing okay so far, especially with the constant support of my partner, Ron who never stopped believing in me. Even when things got so bad that I wanted to give up writing, he was right here cheering me on. We all need our own personal cheering section, that’s how we make it in this world without giving up.

I’m probably going to try and publish this book sometime this week. When I do, I will make an official announcement on my Twitter page and on my personal website. I just want to thank my readers for being so patient and I hope that you will read my new novel Evil Has No Color once it’s released.

Until next time. Happy Holidays to all…