Update on My Next Book

I’m sure a lot of people are probably wondering what is taking so damn long for me to release my next book, Evil Has No Color? Well, I will tell you. After I completed the third draft, I decided to let my boyfriend read it to get his honest opinion. He read it and saw some inconsistencies and made a few suggestions that would help improve the book. So, I decided to reread it myself and saw that he was correct. I did not want to show this book to an Agent while it was in this state.

I added some scenes and changed the ages and dates for accuracy because this novel is set in 1958. It is my first time ever writing a story from a different era. I also had to make sure that facts were correct about the Korean War and how African Americans were being treated during that time. I then let Ron read the book again and this time he said that I needed to change something that happened in the Prologue so after reading it myself, I took his advice and rewrote that particular section of the Prologue.

Normally I do not take the advice of someone who had no part in writing my book, but Ron is an Author too and knows a lot about different topics. He also pays very close attention to detail when he reads so I knew that getting him to proofread this book was a good idea. Not only did the changes I made make this book more accurate and factual, but it also made the story a lot more meaningful in certain areas overall. All of this took place within the past few weeks.

As far as getting this book professionally edited goes, I recently had some financial problems that caused me to have to put hiring an Editor on hold. Everyone who is a Writer knows how expensive it is trying to get your book edited. It can run up into the 1k to 2k range. Prices vary with all Editors. I am not rich, and I work for a living so I cannot afford this. That is why I did not use professional Editors for my last two novels. I am still trying to decide whether to just go ahead and send it to agents now or wait until I can afford an Editor. But I am leaning more towards just cleaning the book up as much as possible which is what I have been doing and start shopping for Agents.

In the meantime, I have already started writing my next novel. It’s too soon to disclose the details about it as of yet because it is still in the beginning stages. I will keep you all posted as to what my plans are for both novels. Enjoy the holiday and keep reading…