Writing for Multiple Genres

Hey there, Tuesday is Halloween and I always get inspired to write something spooky around this time of year. But I am currently still working on The Sacrifice and very close to finishing the first draft. The process has been slow and my patience is growing thin but I somehow manage to push on anyway because I want to finish this before the year is out. I recently started a new job so my time is limited but I will force myself to make time regardless. Horror writing is not my genre but I do enjoy writing stories with horror elements and dark undertones. My writing seems to be for multiple genres and I want to narrow it down to just one but can’t seem to do so.

I started out writing romance novels back in 1994 but I only published my second one. The first one that I wrote was not worth publishing. It was the first novel that I ever wrote so it wasn’t very good. Last year I decided that I didn’t want to write straight romance novels anymore. I had darker thoughts and ideas and needed to get them out. So, the next book was a paranormal story with some romance involved which turned out to be The Blood Oath. The book I am currently writing is not a romance novel or a paranormal story but it is set in the early 1950’s and there is a romance between the protagonist and a girl that he met. But that is not the only thing that the story focuses on. There is also something going on with his older brother Jason who is being recruited into the local street gang called The Sharks but when he is asked to do something that goes against what he believes in just to become a member, things become complicated. There is also something very dark and sinister going on involving their abusive Uncle Frank who took them in after their mother lost her job and had to go on the road to find work. A very mysterious apple tree that likes to consume human blood is at the center of it all and that’s where my horror influence starts to kick in.

A Woman of Courage does not contain any supernatural elements whatsoever because at the time that I originally wrote it which was back in 2010-2011, I had not become interested in writing anything paranormal. That didn’t happen until 2016 when I wrote The Blood Oath and in 2017 when I cowrote Overture of Darkness (still being edited) with my partner and boyfriend Author Ronald Hall. It is a little difficult trying to stick with just one genre when I am so interested in many different types of stories. But is it necessary to just stick to one genre? I prefer just writing whatever is inside of me or because no matter what the story is about, whether it’s romance, or horror, or paranormal, fantasy or even sci-fi, it doesn’t matter because either way it goes that story must come out in whatever form it wants to. I can’t control the story, it pretty much controls me.