Does Coffee Help You Write Better?

I noticed that a lot of Writers love coffee, myself included. For some, it helps with their creativity and for others, it just helps them to stay alert. For me, Coffee is a state of mind when it comes to writing. It literally gives me a certain kind of high that I will attempt to explain. When I drink coffee, I feel relaxed and my overthinking mind becomes more focused and the words that come out of me seem to flow better and make more sense.

When I write novels, I don’t always drink coffee. But when I do decide to drink it I am able to write with more flare and with more imagination. I don’t know if it’s because it stimulates my brain in such a way that I can connect better with my innermost thoughts. Or if it’s just something that we writers have talked ourselves into thinking just because we love coffee so much that we’d probably die if we can’t have it when we want it.

Many writers are coffee addicts and can never get enough of the dark steaming brew that comes in so many delicious flavors and so many ways to make. Hot or cold it doesn’t seem to matter. The more coffee the better. I personally cannot go one day without coffee and enjoy it hot and cold. I drink it in the morning and at night. The night is when I enjoy writing the most. I have always been a night person and seem to be able to relax better after the sun goes down. I enjoy it hot with cream and sugar, as a Latte, or a frappe. Coffee is life and life is coffee. Sometimes all you must do is either look at it or smell it for it to work its magic.

There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of hot coffee being made in the kitchen and suddenly being too tired to write is the farthest thing from your mind. Just sitting here writing to you about coffee is filling my mind with visions of liquid heaven and I want to indulge at this very moment but first my closing statement. Coffee has a lot of benefits besides just waking you up when you need a quick fix such as being able to help you stay focused, keeping you alert and I’ve even heard that coffee can prolong your life. So, if you think for one minute that coffee is not a life saver, consider these things and I will meet you at the nearest Starbucks. Have a great week…