Writing to Get Rich

What is your purpose for being a Writer?

Is it to become a best- selling Author and make lots of money, or are you doing it for the love of the art? Writing is not a get rich quick profession and unless you are already an established writer with many people buying your book, the money will not roll in right away. But that’s not to say it isn’t possible. But It’s really all about you, the Author and how much work and money, yes, I said money you are willing to shell out to get ahead in the literary world.

When I first started writing I knew I wasn’t going to make much money but I didn’t do it to make money. I did it because I just love to write. If you want to make money, there is plenty to be made as a Freelance Writer. It allows you to gain lots of professional experience as a writer and make some money as well. It won’t make you rich but it will defiantly help to supplement your income. If Freelance is something that you want to do full time then you must get involved in multiple projects at the same time. The more work you can handle, the more money you’ll make. Here are a few great websites that can lend a hand in helping you find good freelance writing jobs in your city or perhaps doing it remotely better fits your schedule. Take a look:






If you would like to make some great connections with other writers try creating profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They can help you to connect with other employers needing writers, other writers as well as publishers, editors, and proofreaders. There was a time when I had no interest in using social media but I have found these avenues to be a great way to get your name out there as opposed to remaining in the background. Self- promotion is the key to making yourself known.

If you still feel that you must strike it rich in the Literary world and Freelance just isn’t enough money for you, then all I can say is Write! And learn to do it better than anyone else. Never stop learning and hire the best editor you can afford to really make your book shine. Never give up on getting published by a traditional publisher. Self-publishing is a great way to get you started as a published Author but realistically if you are a beginning Author, you will not strike it rich with the first few books unless you are just that much of a badass writer and have a great promotion tactic. There are some Authors out there who were lucky enough to become best-sellers their first time out. But it’s not the norm.

It can take years and a lot of work on your part to become a best- selling Author as long as you don’t let bad reviews and rejection letters scare you out of the running. You can do it. Just be strong and never give up. Believe in yourself, especially if no one else will believe in you. This is the only way you are going to make it as a Writer. Good luck and keep Writing…