What It’s Like to Write with A Partner

Happy Sunday to you all…

As you know I recently completed a novel with my boyfriend Author Ronald Hall called Overture of Darkness. I must admit, it was a challenge. I wasn’t sure I could do it at first because I had never written anything with a partner before except maybe a random poem on the spot with a man that I used to work with. That was as far as it went. Then Ron and I came up with this story that we just started writing over the internet via Twitter Messenger. He would write something, then I would write something and we just kept it up until we were tired. It was fun and we read it and realized that we work well together. So, we decided to create a full novel.

Overture of Darkness was a fun book to write. Not just because it was filled with supernatural elements which are my favorite theme to write about. It was fun because I had to share my ability to create something with somebody I love. Ron and I have completely different writing styles but somehow, we managed to make it work. The structure of how we did it is a little unusual. We assigned certain chapters to each other and we would work on them individually and then add them to the book as we went along.

Once we had some idea of how we wanted this story to go and mapped out some of the characters, the ideas just started coming like clockwork. He would bounce ideas off me and I would do the same to him and if we liked what we came up with, we used them. There was maybe one chapter that we wrote together only because he started it and I finished it. I don’t remember why we did it like that but it seemed to work well. Once the book was completed we were kind of sad because the creative process was over and that part of the story was over. Since Overture of Darkness is a book series we ended it with a cliffhanger leading into the next book. We got so emotionally attached to our characters that we hated to leave them, temporarily of course. We didn’t even want to kill anybody off. We fell in love with the good ones and the bad.

I have often viewed writing a novel as playing God. Creating people, giving them personalities and a special look and sound, giving them problems, manipulating their lives. For anyone who had ever created a fictional novel, you can relate to what I’m talking about. It is pure magic. Ron sent the book to his editor and we are currently going through a waiting period. I miss the book already. But I know that when it’s done being edited, it will be awesome.

Together we created our baby and we can’t wait to release it to the masses. We enjoyed putting this book together and can’t wait to get started on the next book in the series but first, we both have solo projects to finish and then we will begin another novel called Reaper which will be another supernatural story that is just as gritty and raw as Overture of Darkness. I never thought I would enjoy writing with a partner after years of writing solo. But I do and the fact that we are in love makes creating something together even sweeter. Until next time…