My Mission as A Writer

Hey there, I hope you had a productive week. I know I have. Today I want to talk about what my mission is as a writer. Initially, when I first started writing many years ago, I didn’t have a set goal or a mission. I was only ten or eleven- years- old. I wrote for fun, there was no grand purpose and I wasn’t trying to become famous.

My writing was something that I did for myself. I never intended for anyone to ever read it. I was too afraid of being criticized or laughed at so I kept my talent to myself most of the time. Only a few choice friends knew what I was doing and never questioned it. It was just looked at as something that I did as a hobby. But as I grew older I began to get frustrated about writing. I started asking myself “Is it really worth doing all this work if no one was ever going to read it?” The answer was a big fat no. I started writing less and less thus.

Everything changed when I decided to self-publish and I could release two books in the same year. Once I decided to finally let the world read my work, I developed a mission. Now you might think that becoming the bestselling Author would be my focus and number one agenda. It is but that is not my mission. My mission as a writer is to write stories that move people and make them feel something.

I try to write about people that are going through hell and manage to break out of a bad situation despite all odds. If there is anyone, even if it’s just one person who reads one of my stories and gets something out of it or learns something, maybe even feels inspired or empowered; then I would be on top of the world. I want to make people feel better about their lives. I have had my share of troubles in life and I am sure a lot of other people have as well. Maybe something I wrote can help someone feel like there’s hope. In these difficult times of war, racism, terrorism, mass murders and people living in poverty, God knows we need hope. I know I do. Until next time…