Never Giving Up

Hey there everyone. I hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend. My writing has been a bit off track lately. My Auntie died this week and it’s been hard dealing with that. I have known her my entire life and out of all the relatives that we have, she spent more time with us than anyone else. An operation took her from us and now we are dealing with the final arrangements. It’s been hard but my family and I are getting through it the best way we can with the support of our friends.

Within the past three years, I have lost someone that I love. My dear brother in 2015, my Godmother in 2016, and now my Auntie in 2017. It made me begin to question my own mortality and try to make some changes in my life so that I can be happy and have the kind of life that I want. It meant letting go of certain things and certain people. It meant making a lot of sacrifices and being uncomfortable. It meant having to endure situations that might send some people heading for the hills. But when I look back on it all, it was worth it.

For many years, I have always wanted to become a Writer but I never cared much about sharing it with anyone. I thought that people wouldn’t understand what I had to say nor care about it. I am glad that I finally decided to get over my fear of being criticized. Writing is the one thing that I can’t live without. Trying to do it while dealing with a lot of problems and grief has been difficult but I refuse to give up.

There are times when I feel like I can’t write a single word but my heart says do it anyway. I tell her to shut up and it still tells me to get to work. Sometimes I wait for all the way until it’s almost time to go to bed knowing I only have a few minutes and then I start writing. I have this battle with myself whenever I don’t feel like writing because I’m going through personal issues. But No matter what I am going through, writing always wins. This is my passion and even when I feel like I can’t do it, I have to write something. Even if it’s just a few sentences or a paragraph. A lot of changes are occurring in my life and although things may feel out of place, they are also falling into place. Until next time…