Reaper on Hold

Hey there and Happy Sunday to all. This past week has been spent going through a lot of family issues, writing and revising the chapters I wrote for Overture of Darkness. Our editor’s red remarks are still giving me fits. I have recently decided to put the book Reaper on hold for a while. I found myself getting a little burnt out. So much to the point of writing my other book The Sacrifice in the wrong point of view.

One night I worked on both Reaper and The Sacrifice on the same night and found myself writing The Sacrifice in Reaper’s point of view which is in the third person but The Sacrifice is being written in the first person. After two or three pages, I stopped and realized what I had done. I had to go back and rewrite those pages in the correct point of view and it was a real pain in the butt. I guess this told me that even with my boyfriend’s help on Reaper, I was trying to do too much.

Lately, I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. Strangely enough, though it has not affected my writing. I was still able to work on the books regardless but I must admit that I have had so much on my mind that writing two books at the same time will be too big of a challenge for me this time around. I am under too much stress and need to concentrate on one thing at a time. I have just completed revising Overture of Darkness and can send it back to our Editor, leaving me with more time to focus on The Sacrifice. I am still hoping to be finished with it before the year is over. Reaper will still get written but it will not happen until The Sacrifice is finished. Thank you for being so patient and I hope you all have a great week. Until next time…