I Got My Wish

Hey there, and happy Sunday. Remember last week when I told you that I was about to take on the challenge of writing two books again? I also said that the new book Reaper was something that I wanted my boyfriend to co-write with me and that he didn’t want to do it. Well, guess what? He changed his mind and has agreed to co-write Reaper with me after all. I am so happy that he changed his mind. He saw the awesomeness of this story and wanted to take part in the telling.

The reason why he wasn’t so keen on the idea at first is that he already had his hands full with his own solo project and we are also in the process of editing the other book we finished this year Overture of Darkness. He is also working on a non literary project with his best friend. Ron and I have so much fun writing together that we wanted to experience that again. Reaper will most likely be completed sometime next year.

I am still working on The Sacrifice and although I must admit that sometimes writing is a challenge due to family issues. Hard to stay focused. But Writing is the one thing that I do that gives me a reason to get up every morning. It is my passion and I get even more enjoyment when Ron and I collaborate on a project together. We have totally different writing styles but when they come together we create magic. I feel very lucky to have a man that shares my passion for writing. He still thinks he’s not that good at writing, but I know better. One day soon you will get to see just how awesome he is as well. Until next time…