What Do You Do When You Get a New Book Idea While Already Working on Another?

Hey, everyone, the book is coming along nicely so far. I’ve been consistent with the writing and the ideas are still coming which is a good sign. I don’t hate this story and I’m not ready to shelve it like I’ve done with previous works that I’ve started this year. So, worry not. You will get to read it when it’s done later this year. I can’t predict when it’ll be finished but I suspect that it will probably be sometime this Fall.

For the past, few months I’ve been thinking of a new idea for a novel that may have the potential to become a series. A few days ago, I finally worked it out in my head as to how I want the plot to go and wrote it all down. I told my Author boyfriend about it and he liked it so much that he wrote a terrific intro and one of the chapters. I have been trying to get him to co-write with me again but he wants to leave it all to me. Sigh…So I said okay and tried to figure out how I was going to write this book and finish the other one in a timely manner?

I must say I normally do not like working on two books at once because one of the books always takes a backseat. I’ve already experienced this while co-writing Overture of Darkness with my boyfriend. The solo project was not given the attention that it should have and I felt myself losing interest in it. Ultimately the story got shelved. The new novel is called “Reaper” and it’s going to be awesome. The plot is a secret for now but I love it so much that I just can’t wait until the other book “The Sacrifice” is completed. So, I am working on both novels at the same time.

Yes, I know what you all are thinking. I will never finish “The Sacrifice” now that I’ve taken on a second project. But I will make you a promise. I will finish “The Sacrifice” and will finish “Reaper” as well. All before the end of this year. I strongly believe I can do it especially with the support of my readers and fellow writers. Thank you for being so patient. I will keep you updated about the progression of both novels. Until next time…