The Feeling of Finishing the Writing of a Novel


Hello all, I wanted to let you know that my writing partner/boyfriend and I have finally completed the writing of The Overture of Darkness. I can’t tell you what it feels like to finally be finished but I’ll try. It feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. We started on this book some time in February or March I think and it has been quite a challenge.

This is our first time ever writing a novel with a partner and it was a lot of fun. My writing abilities have been challenged more with this project than any other book I’ve written. I had to learn about “Head Hopping” and how not to do it. That was hard for me because I’ve been writing like that my entire life. I had to stop doing it for this book because our Editor hates it, so I had to learn to be more aware of it than ever before. I stumbled a few times with the first chapters I wrote but as I got used to it, I began to improve. Personally, I don’t feel it’s wrong to “head hop” but some people don’t agree with it and that’s okay. For those of you who have never heard of Head Hopping, it is writing from multiple points of views.

My partner, Ron taught me to have more of an open mind when writing and that too was difficult because I am a spiritual person. Certain things that are in this book are things that I don’t follow but had to write about it anyway for the good of the story.

The book is currently in the Editing stage now and because of money, it’s going to be in this stage until the end of the year. Then we must get an Agent and shop around for a Publisher. We hope that all our hard work pays off and that you, the public will love it as much as we do. We had a blast writing it together and will begin working on the second part of this book series in a year or year in a half. We need to finish our solo projects.

Speaking of solo projects, I have not forgotten that I started one recently and now that The Overture of Darkness is done, I can finally devote my time to completing The Sacrifice. I will keep you updated as it progresses. Have a great Fourth of July everyone. Until next time…