What it Feels Like to Be Nearing the End of Writing a Book

Hey there readers and writers…I hope everyone had a wonderful week. I just wanted to let you know that my boyfriend and I are almost finished with the book we have been collaborating on titled The Overture of Darkness. It is already going through the editing stages and I am about to begin working on the final two chapters. This novel is nothing like anything I have ever written before and the first time I have ever written anything with another person.

My boyfriend Ron has never published a book before and I can’t wait for him to experience the thrill and the terror of having the public read your work for the very first time. I had a lot of fun writing this novel with him and it has been a privilege because he is an excellent writer. He really knows how to bring his characters to life. I am already a fan of his work. He has a solo project that he has been working on but like me, he has put it on the back burner to complete this incredible novel that we have been working on all year.

To be nearing the end of its completion fills me with both elation and a bit of sadness because I have fallen in love with this story. This is a book series but we are not planning to begin writing the next book in the series just yet. We are both eager to get our solo projects out there and will be spending time on that for the rest of the year while shopping around for an Agent and a Publisher. We decided not to self-publish our book and plan to use traditional publishing instead. It is something that we have always wanted to try and we both feel we are ready.

I am elated to see the first part of our story finally coming to an end after putting so much work into this. But I am also sad that we will not be working together again until it’s time to begin writing the next book in the series. We don’t have a title for that one yet but when we do, I will keep you updated. The characters in our book have literally become a part of our daily lives because even when we aren’t writing this book, we are discussing it. It has been a permanent fixture in our minds since we began working on it in the month of March of 2017.

The way we found out we wrote well together was interesting. I was having a very bad day and was feeling depressed over it. So, he and I were chatting through Twitter and he came up with the perfect idea to cheer me up. He said, “Let’s write a story together.” So, we did. It turned out to be a very cute little story that was imaginative and unique. We saved that story because we were thinking about turning it into a children’s story someday. It’s called George and the Rhimoth. Well the rest is history. Our writing together blossomed into something great just like our friendship blossomed into a deep love that will stand the test of time.

We both hope the public will love The Overture of Darkness when it’s released because it was written with love. Until next time…