Introducing A New Character

Hello everyone, I recently started on a new novel and I would like to just share with you a little about the story. First, the book is called the Sacrifice and I want to share with you a little about the main character. His name is Ritchie Nolan and he’s only seventeen-years-old, he’s Caucasian and lives with his mom and older brother in Phoenix Arizona. It is the year 1957 and he has already been through a lot in his young life.

Ritchie is shy around girls and very quiet verbally but his mind is deafening and the story is told from his point of view. His dream is to become a writer and to fall in love someday. He writes short stories and poems and is just trying to get through the year of living dangerously. He has a mom whom is always having financial problems and can hardly keep a job. His brother whom is supposed to be watching out for him, seems to be neglecting him to impress a gang that is trying to recruit him. We’ll see how that goes. He also has a drunken Uncle who likes to take his frustrations out on Ritchie because he lacks the self-confidence and the courage to fight back, that is until his brother’s best friend steps in and oddly enough takes pity on him and teaches him how to fight and stand up for himself so that his Uncle Ben can no longer use him as a punching bag for his own personal amusement. Ritchie is a great kid whom is kind and sensitive and that part of him comes out when he meets Lisa. A black girl that he meets at school. Life is hard for her in the 1950’s due to racism and discrimination. But that doesn’t seem to stop Ritchie from falling for her and trying to show her that life doesn’t have to be so hard for either of them.

The character of Ritchie came out of a dream that I had one night a few months ago. After I woke up from this dream I had the strangest feeling that the boy in this dream was me. I know that sounds weird but I felt everything that he was feeling. Something told me to turn this boy’s story into a novel so that is what’s happening now. I will continue to give updates on the progress of this book as it is created. Have a great week. Until next time…