Relationships in Books


Hello everyone and Happy Sunday…

I hope everyone has a great week. I just wanted to talk about relationships in novels and how they can seem so perfect on paper but it’s never that way in life. The men are always sexy and gorgeous and so are the women. You never see anyone over weight being depicted in a romance novel. Which I think should change because honestly how many of us have the perfect body? But we still have relationships, right? The problems that come up in our favorite stories are usually resolved by the end of the book but it’s not that easy in life. Sex is always on point and you never hear the woman say anything like “Why can’t you be more romantic like the men in the movies?” And you never hear the men say “Why can’t you be more adventurous in bed?” These kinds of things are life problems and are never depicted in novels and I just must wonder why that is?

I know that women read these books to escape their dull humdrum lives but wouldn’t they be able to relate to the characters more if the characters had similar problems? Just saying. Real relationships are hard and take work to build something worth keeping. Maybe we can take a lesson from some of our favorite novels on how to keep the romance going. All you men out there are probably rolling your eyes at my remark but that’s ok. I understand where you all are coming from too. You just want a woman who will be able to live out your wildest sexual fantasies and not complain about it. And, cook you a good meal every night and keep the house clean for those who are married. Keep the kids from tearing up the house and tearing up each other and support every decision you make. Well if that isn’t a lot to ask. LOL but it’s not impossible if you men can give us the same respect. And the same goes for all the LGBT community as well. We all have one thing in common. We just want to be loved and there is nothing wrong with that.

Novels are a great way to escape and the relationships in novels do seem perfect at times but remember this, relationships are all about communication and compromise. If you can accomplish those two things, the relationships in your favorite novels won’t be able to hold a candle to what you and your partner have. I know, I used to read romance novels too and sigh thinking “If only my man was this romantic?” But I’m not saying that anymore. If you are in a relationship and you aren’t getting what you want then you know what you must do, right? Either make some changes or walk away. It’s that simple. We can all have the kind of relationship that we have always longed for if we are not willing to settle for anything less. Too many of us are just settling and are complacent because we are scared to walk away. Relationships take the deepest commitment and a lot of patience. But anything is possible if you are truly in love. Until next time…