The Book

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend. Tomorrow is Memorial Day for those who live in the United States and we have a lot to be thankful to all our fallen heroes.

I want to let you know what the status of my upcoming novel is and some of you will probably be ticked when I tell you this but It is just not happening. I have been going through a lot here at home and have had a very difficult time coming up with the best story I possibly can for you. Sadly, I have decided to shelve this story and work on something new. The novel that I have been co-writing with my boyfriend is still being written and close to being completed. But I have done all I can to the solo project that I have been working on for the past five months even with all the changes that it has undergone. It just is not good enough. Perhaps I am being too hard on myself but I just refuse to release anything that is worse than my last book which was my best work.

My mother is dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease and I help her every day. What can I say…it’s been hard. It is not in the final stage yet; thank god but my mother still needs a lot of assistance doing everyday tasks. Watching her slow decline has caused me to have bouts of depression and I am managing it. Writing helps but sometimes you need a little something extra. My boyfriend has been the most supportive boyfriend I have ever had and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him. He is my rock. He saw how much I’ve been wracking my brains out over trying to finish this novel and let me know that it is okay to put it on hold if I’m just not able to complete it. It was a hard decision that I didn’t want to make but I had to make it.

I hope that my new project which I will not leak any details about yet will materialize into something that will be worthy of my wanting to publish it. Time will tell. Until next time…