Why You Should Become a Writer


There were many artistic talents that I wanted to explore growing up. I wanted to sing, dance, play the piano, design clothes like my father and become an actress and a film maker. And although I did try some of these for a time, none of them stuck. Writing was the only thing that I never gave up on. And the one thing that I never wanted to share with anyone. But I have a confession to make. I didn’t love it as much as I do now until I finally started letting the world read my work. Hiding wasn’t getting me anywhere and I didn’t feel that I had the right to call myself a true Writer until I began to let other people read what I had to say. Writing saved my life. Growing up was hard for me and so was being an adult. In fact, my adult life was harder than my childhood.

Writing helped me to exorcise the demons that were plaguing me. For those who have something to say to the world because your raging like me. Don’t hurt anyone, don’t kill anyone, don’t take what does not belong to you and don’t try to silence anyone else who wants to tell their own stories. Write… Because it is the one art form that can allow you to just be yourself. It will allow you to say whatever you want in whatever genre using whatever character you want. The world will understand it; the world will listen. If you just give them a chance. To all my writers out there, I love you.

Thank you for not being afraid to tell stories. I get lost in them. They are so much better than my own life and many other’s lives. No matter how hard it may be or how little time you must put into it…please finish that book. I struggle every day to finish mine and sometimes I just want to give up but I know I can’t. Somebody will read it and learn something from it. Writers have the power to influence an entire nation so do it responsibly and freely. Let your voices be heard and love what you do. Until next time.