Lenka’s List

Hey there, I know I only post a blog on Sundays but I just wanted to take time out to post a review for a website that was made known to me on Twitter last year. Perhaps some of you have already heard of it. It’s called Lenka’s List. I was contacted by Lenka herself via Twitter and she invited me to showcase my novels on her website which is a great way for new and up and coming writers whether they have been published or not whom want to try to make a name for themselves online. All you have to do is upload an excerpt of your book, a bio about yourself, a headshot and a book cover. They accept novels, poetry, and short stories. It’s a great way to get your work promoted and for a very reasonable price.

At the time that I was contacted about promoting my books on Lenka’s List, I was not too sure I was ready to show the whole world my face online. I had never done that before nor did I have any photos of myself to submit for my Author Profile but Lenka kept me in mind for the future and said that once I had a photo to just submit it to her and I could pick up where I left off. They are very patient with you and will also allow you to blog with them which can create even more exposure for your work. I have been approached by many other book promoting services but Lenka’s List felt like the best option. lenkaslist.com is one of the best book promotion websites around and I highly recommend them. And while you’re busy trying to get your work on lenkaslist.com be sure and explore the writing being showcased. Go ahead and give lenkaslist.com a try, after all your writing is worth the trouble, the money and the opportunity to be showcased and given the chance to become somebody’s favorite story or poem. Everyone is welcome but of course submission guidelines do apply. Join lenkaslist.com today.