The Progress of My Next Novel

Hey everyone, I know I normally write my blog entries on Sunday afternoons but today I spent all afternoon having some quality time with my son. We hung out at the local mall, shopped and had lunch together. It was a wonderful day. My day started out on a sad note upon hearing about the death of actor Bill Paxton whom I loved. I first saw him in the movie Weird Science and have loved him ever since. Some of my favorite films of his are Weird Science, Vertical Limit, Twister, True Lies, and Aliens. He will be missed.

I have been really struggling to make my next novel a masterpiece but it’s just not turning out that way. I wanted to write about the subject matter of Murder Suicides within the family. It’s a difficult subject matter to write about because no one really knows why it happens or what goes through the mind of someone who has done it. It’s tragic and shocking and I want to do it justice but I’m being so careful that I’m losing some of my motivation to write this.

I have the story mapped out already and I know how it’s going to end. I will try not to make the fictitious Morgan Family’s story too depressing otherwise, you won’t want to read it. But I also have a responsibility to those who have lost loved ones to such a tragic event to not make light of it and tell it in the most honest way possible. I personally have never gone through anything like this nor have I ever met anyone who has gone through this so I had to do extensive research on the subject in order to make this story realistic.

The research was hard to do because I had to read many tragic real life stories on Murder Suicides and what could drive a person to do something so horrifying. Perhaps the disturbing nature of this is what’s holding me back. I wrote my last book in only three months but this one which is called Murder in The Family will not be written that quickly. I am so displeased with it right now that after I finish it, I will probably rewrite it until it’s to my liking. I am a perfectionist and I always have been. Even if my work isn’t always perfect. I will continue to work on it until it’s finished and ready for publication and I will keep you posted on how it’s coming. Thanks to my readers for being patient. Until next time.