Why My Stories Have the Same Theme

I’m going to talk about something that I’ve never talked about before. My most recent books all seem to have a common theme. My protagonist is the victim of physical abuse. Some of you whom have read my work are probably wondering why? You may be wondering if it is a reflection on my own life or have I been abused by someone?

I just want to stop the speculation by saying no I am not a victim of abuse. I was never abused by my ex-husband, or my parents. I was bullied throughout my entire childhood by the kids at school and that does have long lasting effects on a child even after they grow up. I was bullied from age five until age fourteen. I have never spoken about this publicaly but I don’t mind doing it now for those whom are curious about me.

I have always been attracted to people who have been to Hell and back. People whom are strong and can take a beating and still keep on moving forward. I have had friends and boyfriends whom have been abused physically and sexually but still managed to stay on the right path and I draw from their struggles as well as my own. Let’s face it, life is hard and if you are the type of person who can go through tons of crap and still come out of it without wanting to kill someone, you are a very powerful person. You are a survivor and I have so much respect for you.

My characters are the same way. They have been through hell and still managed to find happiness. The first two novels were about very strong young women. The kind I would want to have as friends. My third upcoming novel is the same way only it is about an entire family trying to deal with the father preparing to commit a murder suicide. The oldest son has borrowed a gun from a friend and is prepared to protect his family from his father by any means necessary. The story is titled “Murder in The Family” and the mother Caroline Morgan is separated from her husband whom is an army veteran suffering from PTSD and refuses to get help. After having a fight with Caroline and getting arrested, he has forced his wife to take desperate measure by moving her children out of the family home in Seattle Washington and into a rented town home in the suburb of Renton in order to start over. When he is finally released from jail he is enraged when he goes home to find the house empty and begins making threats to Caroline that causes their son to get a gun. He never tells his family that he has the gun and tries to hide it from them. Eddie, his father begins doing things that turn their lives upside down after a failed attempt to get Caroline to change her mind about the divorce.

I am hoping to get this book released sometime this summer. It’s been slow going and I am only on page 56. But I can’t wait until I’m done because I am ready to do something completely different after this. In my last blog post I mentioned a dream I had and was thinking about using it for a book. If I do, it may be a while because I have another story in mind that I would like to start working on as soon as possible. It’s called “Game Over” and has a lot of action in it. It would make a great film. I will let you know when I will begin working on that story and continue letting you know how the current story is going. Until next time…