Staying Focused

Hey there… I almost forgot to write my weekly blog entry today. I am very tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night. As I try to work on the next novel, I have been having a very hard time staying focused on it. Other things keep clouding my mind. Things like what this country is going to be like after Donald Trump takes office? Who else is going to die? Is the end of the world near? Is the shooting going on in my hometown of Chicago’s city streets going to come to my sector? What the future holds for humanity? And will our planet survive all of the chaos? Yes, I know it’s a lot to deal with; but these are just some of the questions that I ask myself on a daily basis. I won’t tell you what the rest of them are because they are just too personal. But I think you kind of get the idea.

I’m not blocked. That much I know. But I have been procrastinating a lot lately. For instance, I tend to allow other things get in the way when I know I should be writing. Then by the time I finally start writing, it’s time to go to bed. Why have I been doing this to myself? It’s like I am losing my desire to write, slowly but surely. Maybe it’s because I’m trying something new with this book. I decided to write it in the first person instead of the third. I’ve never done this before. It’s a lot harder than I thought. It started out sounding very good but then it got difficult. Maybe it’s because I’m using a new writing style that I’ve never tried before and I need to get used to it before it feels comfortable. But as a result, I am writing a lot slower then I usually do. This book will not be written in just three months like the last one. I have to take my time with it so that it flows just right. Hopefully, over time it will get easier.

I won’t reveal the title yet because the one I’m going with right now is only temporary until I can think of a better one. The story is dealing with a fallen angel who died by his own hand. That is all I can reveal so far because the story could change at any time. Ideas are still coming to me on a daily basis. I will keep everyone posted as I take this journey of a new novel. If anyone has any ideas on how to stay focused, please don’t hesitate to shed some light on the subject via direct message on Twitter. I may even have a touch of the winter blues. It happens every year but it will pass. Until next time…