The Human?

Sorry, this blog entry is late but I’ve been trapped in the kitchen cooking all day with my mother and my father who knows nothing about cooking but he tried to show us how to make prime rib. I’m exhausted. Well, I hope everyone had a nice holiday and got to be with their loved ones for Christmas. I did, and let’s just say that I’m hoping I have to work next Christmas LoL…

As for my writing, I have been really struggling with my next novel. I don’t know if it’s a bad case of writer’s block or what but it’s been driving me crazy. A part of me wanted to take a break from writing after “The Blood Oath” was released but another part of me is absolutely terrified of doing that. My writer’s block has a tendency to last for days, sometimes months. And I don’t feel right when I’m not writing. I don’t know what to do.

The story “The Human” started out good but I’m getting stuck at the second chapter. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m getting blocked because I have so many other concerns in my life right now. I seem to be having a hard time staying focused. Sometimes I think I want to just scrap the whole idea and then other days I feel like I want to continue this story. I hate this feeling and it’s my characters that are doing this to me. Not letting me give up on them.

Once a character is born, it is hard to abort it. You give it a life and a family and a purpose and you might as well forget about ever trying to kill their story. They won’t let me do it. I’m trying and trying but they just keep saying no. I feel as though I am stuck in limbo now. How do I break out of it? A voice inside of me is telling me to begin this chapter on a totally different level and take it in a different direction than I initially started to. That is what I will be attempting to do this week and in my next blog entry, I will let you all know how it turned out.

I want to tell you what I’ve written so far but I can’t. Whenever I tell people what I am writing, I tend not to follow through on it. If I get the slightest hint of dissatisfaction, I wind up scrapping the entire project. I don’t want to do that. Sometimes it’s’ best not to tell people what you are writing because their response can actually send bad vibes your way and make you lose your confidence. That has been my experience over the years so now I just don’t tell anyone anymore. But I confess, I did kind of do it this time. I told my son what I was working on and I told him the entire plot. He loved the idea but now the pressure is on to deliver. I mean hey you don’t want to disappoint your own kid. I know I don’t. Not that he’d read it anyway. He never reads my stories which I hate but oh well. That’s another issue for another time. Maybe I shouldn’t have leaked out my plot to him and then I wouldn’t feel so much pressure to not only write it the way I told him I would but to actually finish it. From now on I’m keeping my mouth shut. I’ll let you know how this story progresses. I hope everyone is reading my latest novel “The Blood Oath.” Now available on amazon, kindle, and Barnes and Noble. To all of my author followers on Twitter, thank you for making me feel so welcome and giving me a sense of belonging. That means a lot to a newcomer like me. Until next time.