Does The Holiday Season Give You the Blues?

Remember those days when you couldn’t wait until Christmas to see if Santa Clause brought you what you wanted? It never dawned on you that one day it wouldn’t matter what you got for Christmas but only that you had the money to get what your kids wanted. Or that giving is more important than receiving. Oh, believe me, there will still be things that you want for Christmas, whether it is a new car, a new outfit, that new designer purse that just came on the market or the latest perfume. For some people, it’s to have a loved one heal from a life threatening ailment, a job, a place to live, or something decent to eat; or maybe just somebody to talk to. To not be lonely anymore, and not just during the holidays but any day.

Christmas may not be what it used to be and is even worse for those who don’t have families to share it with. Every day I thank god for my family and the fact that my parents are still alive in their seventies and eighties with countless physical ailments. I’ve had a rough couple of years and even though there are things that I really want right now, at least I have most of what I need.

I guess when you get to be a certain age, certain things just don’t seem as important and some things that never seemed important when you were young, are the most important things on your mind right now. I never wanted much in life after I came of age. The only things I truly wanted was a great career as a professional Writer, a good husband, children, and a nice home. Good friends that I can trust, to be in good health, and to have some fun. Good clean fun. Traveling, exploring the world around me. Having a few books published. Well things almost turned out that way for me but I hit a bit of a snag in some of those areas, I won’t say which ones. Life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to but sometimes if you try very hard and never give up on your dreams, you might get maybe one or two things on your bucket list. When you get to be my age your Christmas List becomes your Bucket List. No, I’m not that old…just in my forties.

Christmas was always my favorite holiday growing up and now it’s not that important to me. Society made it all about getting things instead of about giving. It’s easy to get caught up and lose sight of what’s really important. Originally Christmas was meant to be about celebrating the birth of Christ, but I don’t believe that December 25th was his date of birth. It’s really about the gift giving, the tree decorating, the feast, the families getting together. But what does it mean to those who don’t have these things? It may mean celebrating another day of living if you are old, sick or dying, it may mean celebrating having the few things that you do have without anything getting stolen or destroyed, it may mean dodging another bullet, or not taking another drug or a drink if you’ve been sober for a long time or celebrating the birth of your own child if you’re expecting. Or getting married, or just being happy period.

The blues will only consume you if you let it. Try to find the beauty in the storm no matter what that storm is and embrace it. That is the only way it will pass. Until next time…