When You Get Bored Writing Your Book

You know I’ve been writing my next novel for the past month or so and it’s gone through a couple of changes. First of all I changed the title. It was called “On Borrowed Time” now it is called “Spirit Walk” I also had to change a little of the plot which I will not reveal until it’s completed. I brought all of this up to bring up a very important question. What the hell do you do when you become bored writing your own book? I’ve had this problem before in the past but

at the time, I would just let it go for a few days until I developed the desire to write again. Sometimes that can be a good idea and sometimes it can be a fate worse than death…for your book that is. If you have repeated bouts with writer’s block like I do, I would not advise it. Because sometimes if you allow yourself to get too relaxed about not writing for a few days and then when you are finally ready to go back to it, your blocked again. You cant write anything. So I am trying a new tactic in order to keep myself in “Writing Mode.” I decided to work on some smaller projects while working on the biggest project. The big project may not be getting all of my attention right now but it is getting some of it. I will write a couple of paragraphs or pages and then go work on something not as demanding like a children’s story. It keeps my mind fresh of new ideas and keeps me from getting lazy. A children’s book is much shorter than a full length novel and can be very inspiring at the same time. Just think of any kid you know that doesn’t inspire you. It cant be done. I also am writing poetry which is also another great way to keep those creative juices flowing.